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217 Chester Street
Chester, NH


Thanks for visiting Millcreek Dairy Farm, a small, family farm in Chester, New Hampshire.  We share vegetables with our neighbors, clear land with our goats, and let our dogs run around to their hearts' content.  While we are far from fully sustainable, we seek to use the resources we have responsibly and efficiently.  We rotate our crops and pasture, fertilize with compost, and pick Japanese beetles off of the raspberry bushes by hand.   As our children navigate the world into which they were born, we hope to give them some healthy food as well as experiences that will sustain and ground them.

Although we have outside income - Jeff is a crop advisor and Karen is a teacher - we will also run the farm as a small business.  We sell our fresh produce only locally, but ship soap and syrup as far as the pacific northwest.  Please visit our products page and online store, if you are interested in trying some for yourself.

We serve all of New Hampshire but our regular customers are usually from the Rockingham County area. 


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Our soap is a healthy, natural alternative to commercial products.  We enjoy the creamy lather, fresh scents, and clean feeling from all of our soaps.  And, our family’s skin is healthier than ever -  less dry skin and eczema through the dry winters.


Right in our kitchen, we make all of our soaps with vegetable-based oils (palm, olive, coconut, canola, shortening, and castor), lye (saponified in the process) and fresh goats milk. For special bars, we add avocado oil, jojoba, and/or cocoa butter. Some are unscented, with no added colorants. Others include pure essential oils and/or botanical additives for color and texture. Most of these herbs are grown on our farm.

And, of course, the milk comes from our well-loved herd of goats. In their honor, we have named some of our soap varieties after them. Look for the star next to the description!

  • Rosie’s Mint

Rosemary and mint essential oils with both dried herbs. The color is beautiful; and the scent is refreshing first thing in the morning

  • Koalas in the Grass

An invigorating combination of eucalyptus and lemongrass essential oils.

  • Lavender and Tea Tree

A nice smelling, antiseptic soap; particularly good for the teenage face, although we all use it as a body bar as well.

  • Citrus Orange

Smells of sweet orange with oatmeal, lemon, and a touch of honey swirled in. It reminds the kids of Grandma's orange-cranberry bread.

  • Just Lavender

Lavender essential oil and lavender buds from our garden.

  • Cedar Woods

The woods behind our farm are home to many Atlantic White Cedars. This soap is a celebration of that rare habitat.  And, as my grandfather used to ask, did you “see der” woods?  We feel everyone should see them, and smell them as well. This soap is a swirl of green and brown, with spruce and cedarwood essential oils to remind you of those walks through the woods in New Hampshire.

  •  Tea with Heidi

A simple recipe of real tea with milk and honey. It has a warm brown color and is a hard, long-lasting soap, with a hint of bergamot essential oil.

  • Athena’s Gift

Unscented and mild. Made with more olive oil than our other varieties (51%), which makes it even gentler for the skin.

  • Chocolate Chunk (In Season)

Just in time for Christmas. This soap smells of cocoa butter and peppermint, with red, green and white chunks mixed in. The geology buffs in the family loosely refer to it as, "Christmas is Gneiss".


Hand-knit gift bags are available with our soaps, in a variety of colors. In addition to a beautiful way to package the bars, we use the soap in the bag for extra scrubbing. We also hang one in the bathroom to collect soap slivers. Once we have enough, we use it in the shower so that we enjoy every ounce with very little waste!