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217 Chester Street
Chester, NH


Thanks for visiting Millcreek Dairy Farm, a small, family farm in Chester, New Hampshire.  We share vegetables with our neighbors, clear land with our goats, and let our dogs run around to their hearts' content.  While we are far from fully sustainable, we seek to use the resources we have responsibly and efficiently.  We rotate our crops and pasture, fertilize with compost, and pick Japanese beetles off of the raspberry bushes by hand.   As our children navigate the world into which they were born, we hope to give them some healthy food as well as experiences that will sustain and ground them.

Although we have outside income - Jeff is a crop advisor and Karen is a teacher - we will also run the farm as a small business.  We sell our fresh produce only locally, but ship soap and syrup as far as the pacific northwest.  Please visit our products page and online store, if you are interested in trying some for yourself.

We serve all of New Hampshire but our regular customers are usually from the Rockingham County area. 


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Millcreek Dairy Farm

Thank you for visiting Millcreek Dairy Farm, a small, licensed goat dairy in Chester, New Hampshire. Pastured on rolling fields and open woodlands, our herd of Saanen/Nubian/Alpine dairy goat does produce sweet delicious goats milk that we use to produce fresh chevré, yogurt, hard cheeses, feta and even handmade soaps.  

We're in the process of updating our website so please check it out and let us know what you think as it changes!

Goats milk is a wholesome alternative, easily digestible and naturally homogenized. We offer raw milk, pasteurized goat milk products along with local goods in our farm store. Our Grade A facility is designed for visitors, with lots of windows and opportunities to see the entire process. We hope you will stop in to pick up your favorite product, get to know the animals, tour the cheese plant and perhaps try something new.

We embrace organic best practices, and invite our neighbors and local communities to get to know our operation. We would love to share our experiences on the farm with our broader community.  Call today!  (603) 887-MILK (6455)